Molecular Changes Needed to Backwards Age

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

Our dearest has begun yet another phase of Backwards Aging; yes indeed she has.

It has been a long time coming. Has it not, dearest? We speak of a physical Backwards Aging phase that all will undergo as they transition from an ‘older age’ to the desired agreed upon age of twenty-seven.

For our dearest to achieve the agreed upon age there is a need for the body to Backwards Age in the form of a radical change; a molecular change, Dear Ones. This will be achieved by working the body in the form of exercise. The exercise suitable for our dearest is in the form of dance. Yes, Dear Hearts, each will find the perfect form of exercise by which to alter the molecular structure of their cells; thereby creating Backwards Aging from the inside out, so to speak.

The ‘Latin’ form of dance has eluded our dearest since…

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Publicado por Nadia Holmes

Nadia Zakamska received her PhD from Princeton University. Before coming to Johns Hopkins University, she held a NASA Spitzer Fellowship and a John N. Bahcall Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study and a Kavli Fellowship at Stanford University. Zakamska's most recent work has focused on discovery and characterization of galactic winds powered by supermassive black holes. This long-sought process is now considered the key missing piece in our understanding of galaxy formation, and the removal of gas from galaxies due to black-hole-driven winds likely limited the maximal mass of galaxies in the universe. Using the Gemini telescope, Zakamska's group at Johns Hopkins University found unambiguous signatures of these powerful events in action, and she now uses large telescopes on the ground and in space to detect and characterize these powerful events at the peak epoch of galaxy formation, when black holes made a critical impact on the way galaxies appear today. I CANT CHANGE MY PHOTO YOU ERASED IT

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